by Médus de Colchis



I wanted to make a Theme Song for Myself, something that can Help people understand my Heart and Soul. Something that speaks to my ▼Childhood and Manhood▲, pure ♫Dragon Dagger Music♪


Start Up:
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Casval, last at the ball
Yesterday, in another world
Last call, I have no girl
No car, no money, only a gift to sing
My lovely lady still wears no ring

Girl of my dreams, she’s hunting me
I will never be free, you enchanted me
Love me, yes or no?
I want to know, woah woah
If it is meant to be, then where did you go?
Oh, woah woah, cause Nefertiti is calling me
She’s calling me, yeah ye-yeah
Casval, Casval, Casval

E Tutta Fantasy:
Casval, don’t need my number, I’ll come to the
It’s what you said to me, honey bee
It’s what you said yesterday
Honey, it’s what you said yesterday
It’s what you said yesterday, yeah
Still I’m waiting for the, honey bee
Casval, you’re not too sexy, said Doctor Fake
Yet the Mask is my fate
Fate Stay, always, yeah yeah yeah

Hazme un favor, no retengas tu amor
Dans la vie et la mort, il faut s’aimé dabord
Dōmo arigatōgozaimasu, Anata o aishitemasu
(Woah woah woah)
Sto taxívi tis zoís e soo, Ketáxé ton Ouranósu
(Woah woah, Ouranósu)
Ego, nahwah Amazon, nouwou kundo vi Yesu
(Yesu, Ou woah woah woah, Yesu)
Call to battle, would you say no to the Angel?
Inti helwee, behab mout kermalik, Ya Omri
(You’re beautiful, I would die for you)
Ya Halween, bhab moot kermalkoun

Nefertiti is calling me, Lera, Sara, where are you today?
Sing; Casval, Casval, Casval, Casval, Casval’ahh
Where are my Angels? In Angel Grove
Yeah Super Sentai since Yesterday, yeah yeah
Sing; Casval, Casval, Casval, Casval, Casval’ahh

Sto taxívi tis zoís e soo, Ketáxé ton Ouranósu
(Woah woah, Ouranósu)

Yeah, Médus, Hot fire
Dragon Dagger Music
Dragonzord Power Forever


released July 11, 2020
Producer, Vocals, Lyrics and Idea by Médus

Instrumental, Mixing and Mastering by Daniel Svetlof


all rights reserved



Médus de Colchis Ottawa, Ontario

🍯 Médus de Colchis 🥞🍁🦆

💎 Husband to 🌼 Honey Bee 🐝 aka Melissa ! 💍

🦸‍♂️ CEO 📺 Medea Enterprises 🏢⚛️


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